Client context Consultancy

Entrant’s team believes that Client Context Consultancy is more than giving advises, Client is laying in heart of consultation context and group of experts are participating with him to define business purposes and work closely with business owners to identify challenges and propose practical solutions.

New thing here, that Client Context Consultancy service is specialized in the industry of Digital Payments. Entrant is not provides traditional management consultation services, it works with a consideration that clients from seniors, owners and entrepreneurs are navigating in digital payment market.

Evaluation steering
Service Preperation Analysis Solution Implementation Evaluation Steering
  • Provide client Requested Information.
  • Solving Client’s Problem.
  • Provide Business recommendations.
  • Create business plan.
  • Create business Policies & Procedures.
  • Prepare Serving Agreement  Legal Documents.
  • Conduct Analysis and Diagnosis.
  • Create GAP Analysis.
  • Use business Case
  • Create BRD and Solution Document
  • Create architecture and design
  • Provide Workflow and Impact analysis
  • Assist Solution Implementation.
  • Build Consensus and commitment.
  • Facilitate Client Learning
  • Generate SOW and POC
  • Implement QA test and UAT
  • Project Management
  • Facilitating Client learning
  • Organization Effectiveness.
  • Build an organization strategy
  • Strategy formulation
  • Product design & pricing
  • Solution governance
  • Training & Coaching


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